Happy 5 year anniversary iMacdanny!

Happy 5 year anniversary iMacdanny!

Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in iMD

It’s so hard to believe that 5 years ago today I started this website. Many things have changed and have been added in the years. iMacdanny started a long time ago, in a world where I had just bought my first computer.

It was a cold December morning a few days after Christmas. I had just saved up enough money for the MacBook I wanted. I ran into the Apple store in Westfarms mall. There, I quickly purchased a thirteen inch, plain white, MacBook. When I got home I ripped open the box and started to set up the computer. Back then I did not have wireless internet so I had to sit on the floor while using the ethernet cable from the router in my sister’s room. While at the Apple store I had purchased Apple’s [then] new service called: .mac. When I was setting up the service I got my unique email that ended in mac.com. I was reading the box when I noticed I could make my own website. Having always wanted to make my own website I started construction of Macdanny that very day. Originally there was no I before Macdanny because that was before I was an Apple addict. Back then we did not even have a custom domain name, as I was only just learning how the internet worked. The only way of accessing the site back then was using the address supplied by Apple. The URL back then was: http://web.me.com/nickcalvi/macdanny.com it was a mouthful to remember! When the site was first launched, it was originally just my personal blog. One year at my summer camp: Renbrook, I met someone who would later become a part of Macdanny. He helped me make some great videos for a year. But unfortunately some things are just not meant to be. One year at summer camp he changed in a horrible way and I had no choice but to fire him. I was glad to avoid this problem for the site. After he left I got a little bored of the site and I took a break.

The next year at Renbrook was a great learning experience. I really started to learn how the internet worked. I was learning concepts like: DNS, custom domains, and website hosts. My teacher that year showed me a great hosting company called 1&1 Hosting. At the time they had a special promotion where if you bought a package you would get a free domain name. The service was great and cheap, only $25 every six months. When registering the domain, I found out that Macdanny was already taken, so I changed the name to iMacdanny. In that same year I got bored of the design of the site, so I planned to research alternative designing programs. I was originally using Apple’s iWeb app to make iMacdanny. Then, I learned about WordPress. I quickly redid the site completely in WordPress and I started to blog again. But, unfortunately without a partner I again took a long break from the site.

In my most recent year at Renbrook I met my new best friend, David. We quickly bonded while we produced the site trs80mc.com for our advertising project. This was also the year I got into Minecraft, and once I learned that David also liked Minecraft I hired him almost immediately. David has helped me to keep me writing again and also start some new things as well. In addition over the summer I gave iMacdanny a fresh new design after learning how fun it was to build websites, after finishing trs80mc.com. When Renbrook ended David and I started our Minecraft lets play series. While recording, one of David’s friends, Prashant started to do some artwork for the site and he was featured in some of the videos.

Here is where I end my story of the history of iMacdanny. While sipping my peppermint mocha, reflecting on the past five years I also look to what the future may bring. Happy five years iMacdanny, and happy New Years everyone!

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