Prepare… !

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014 in Apologoy, iMD, Updates

Prepare… !

Nick and I truly sorry for the extreme lack in content from iMD. Though, we promise to start working on something insanely great after midterms.

On the topic of midterms, mine and Nick’s schedules have truly mangled, I’ve been so busy as to not even see Nick for weeks on end, mostly due to lots of studying, which I guess is a plus.

Now on the topic of new content, I’ve actually found another good topic for videos to be made with Nick’s newly bought DSLR  camera. Which sadly doesn’t have an unboxing video, I guess due to the fact that he was too excited? I thought about doing creative shorts, as we both did the first year at Renbrook, where the video’s main focus was the cool and usually funny editing over the original clip. Of course, because Nick and I don’t own a Hollywood lighting studio and green screen, don’t initially expect some kind of inter-galactic spaceship fight scene. The closest thing we have is just a room lamp and a green sheet. Maybe as a start, we will do a few edited clips here and there and try our best to make the editing as professional as possible. Also, the Lost parody episodes, most likely, will come before, after or, in between these other edited clips as we make more and more. Keep checking the Videos page here and look out for more updates!


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