Well… Hello There!

So… in terms of updates, there are many. However, I’ll start off with the usual apology: sorry, Nick and I are very busy and have been completely inactive on iMD for months.  Now that that’s finished, I’ll continue.   As I said earlier, I preordered the Oculus Rift DK2. Not only did I preorder it, but I just received it a few days ago. Now… since I’m not Nick, I wasn’t able to make a great unboxing video, however, from here on, there will be Oculus Rift content. I’ve already tried it out on a few simulators (ie. Matrix simulator, Live For Speed 2, Tron Light Cycles Simulator, etc.). We have also been looking into taking better care of our health. Being in front of the computer all day makes you worry about that every once in a while I’d say. We had already been looking into a health supplement that had decent reviews online, and eventually we tried it. I really do think it has been working great for us, and I strongly recommend it. If you would...

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Olympus PEN E-PL1 Review

So, here comes the full-fledged review. I’ll break it down into 3 main parts, as follows: Overall Picture Quality, Ease Of  Use, and Compatible Lenses.   1. Overall Picture Quality The overall quality of the camera is very impressive. As a 4/3 camera should be (having practically the same technical specs as an entry-level DSLR), the Olympus PEN E-PL1 (which I’ll refer to as the Olympus PEN) created stunning stills (some which can be found on the photography page here). Colors were vibrant, edges were crisp, and blurred backgrounds looked fantastic. However, this camera only performed well at very low ISO settings due to a Noise Reduction feature at ISO settings under 200. When at any setting higher, the camera, even in auto mode, had trouble with lighting, focusing, and a lot of noise in photos. Example of “No Noise” and “Noise”: 2.  Ease Of  Use Ease Of  Use was a major setback when taking pictures with the Olympus PEN. There were loads of issues I had with the GUI and menu configuration as well as the actual LCD...

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The Camera Has Arrived

So, I’ve recently received an Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro 4/3 camera as a gift, for my birthday, which was on July 29th.  I’ve already taken many test shots, some of which were actually good. Since it’s my first time using a DSLR, or rather a hybrid DSLR. The definition of a 4/3 camera, basically a very portable DSLR. And a little advise is to add a speed booster to your laptop or to the device you use, as this camera each photo has a big size so if you start working with this you need the best performance to actually finish and do well the job. You can view the website to find the best one for you, and also you might want to add one of this boosters to an attachable lens to increase the speed and movement of your camera. I’ve been practicing in both Manual and Automatic, usually trying comparing f-stop (aperture), shutter speed, and ISO settings specifically. I’ll be doing a more thorough review of the camera in nearby future. But for now, many of...

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Surprise New Redesign!

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Surprise New Redesign!

Hey everyone, Nick here! As you can see the iMD Network has had a huge redesign! This was one of our summer surprises I was planning on. I have switched the main theme to the Fusion theme from Elegant Themes I have also switched the Digital Media themes to the Lucid theme, also from Elegant Themes. I am very happy with the changes and think this will bring a much better atmosphere to our network. Enjoy the update!

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Some Summer Updates

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Some Summer Updates

Hey everyone, Nick here! Renbrook and summer school are finally over for me! So, I wanted to give you all some updates on what has been happening during the summer. The iMD headquarters has gone through a lot of construction on the inside. My dad and I have built a dividing wall, installed insulation, covered the walls with sheetrock, and I ran electricity and internet to the shed. Everyday the headquarters is coming closer to completion! The electricity that I installed comes directly from my solar panels, so we are 100% green! Scroll down to see some pictures of the inside.

In other news, significant progress has been made to our Colonizing America adventure map. We have put it on the server and we are currently populating the world with some buildings and trees. There is still quite some smoothing out to do though, so please be patient it will be amazing when we finish it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Internet and electricity! Walls! A light switch!

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Japanese movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme and sometimes including violent material.


I personally LOVE Anime. I’ve compiled a short list of what anime you should watch for those who like shounen style, action/adventure anime.


1. Naruto/Naruto Shippuden – This is a GREAT starting anime for those who want get a good feel for Shounen anime. Shounen means anime where there is one distinct “chosen one” who surprises everyone with his unique abilities. Naruto is mostly comical, though towards the end of the series turns more serious, a lead-in to the emotional sequel: Naruto Shippuden.  Naruto Shippuden is definitely for those who enjoy an engrossed story line and battles on epic proportions. Though you’ll have to endure countless fillers, it’s definitely worth it in the end.


2. Bleach – Surprisingly similar to Naruto Shippuden. A somewhat serious anime with epic fights even the main heroes, Naruto and Ichigo, look quite similar. However, the concepts in bleach are much more complicated, having to understand all the Japanese terms thrown at you. Overall, Bleach is an amazing anime.


3. Full Metal Alchemist/Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Which one depends on the person, and if you’ve already read the manga. If you’ve read the manga and would like to see it animated, then watch Brotherhood. If you’d like to see where the original branches off from the manga, watch that one. – Full Metal Alchemist is by far one of my favorite animes. It has absolutely NO fillers, although it’s quite short in comparison to Bleach and Naruto, but I like to think it’s: “Short and Sweet”. Full Metal Alchemist is definitely a more serious anime, but a very interesting one.


4. Attack on Titan – This anime is AMAZING. The story line is fantastic and completely unique. This anime however, is very gorey and also serious. I’d definitely recommend watching this. The only drawback is that since it’s so new, very few episodes were released, though each makes you want to keep going. The plot twist was discouraging, though totally changed the anime for me when it came “full circle”.


5. Death Note – An anime on the topic of ethics and what is the difference between good and evil, and amazing anime, albeit being extremely saddening. Death Note is short, but no doubt addicting to watch.


These are all the animes which are NECESSARY to watch, after these, you can choose a follow-up.


Stay Hungry…

Stay Foolish



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Our New Headquarters!

Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in iMD

Hey everyone, Nick here! I am very happy to announce that our headquarters is complete! Here is picture of the finally finished building.


Also, as promised, I have uploaded the timelapse video of the shed being built! You can watch it on YouTube or the videos page. All that’s left now is some interior decorating! Thanks for your patience!

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iMD Headquarters To Be Completed Today!

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Hey everyone, Nick here! As you can tell from the title, the iMacdanny headquarters should be completed today! The workers almost finished yesterday but they ran out of materials at the last minute. Hopefully they should be finishing it right now. I’m writing this from camp so can’t give you an update on the progress, but I will include the last picture I took.

DSCN0600Also, I wanted to share I promo picture I made in photoshop for the upcoming Colonizing America map on our server. I just made it in 5 minutes so it might not be that good, but criticism aside here it is:

Colonizing America PicI hope you enjoy the pictures. Stay tuned later today for the timelapse video, it’s gonna be great!

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Colonizing America Update

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Hey everyone, Nick here! I have some great news for you. Since we are out LP episodes to upload until David gets back, yesterday I worked on the Colonizing America map all day! It was a very tedious process, but it was well worth it. I was able to assemble the highest resolution height map of America to my knowledge. The completed heightmap was huge, it was 27376 by 16244 and was 1.68 GB! I have converted the heightmap into an actual Minecraft world, thanks to WorldPainter. The Minecraft world is over 4 GB! With this newly created world I have started adding markers of where towns are in real life. You can see a picture I created to help me after the break. With such great progress I can now say that the Colonizing America map will be added to our server before the end of August. There is still quite some work to do, but its fun work! Stay tuned for more updates!


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A Quick Update

Posted by on Jul 18, 2013 in iMD

Hey everyone, Nick here! Construction of the new iMD headquarters is going great! The builders have put up all four walls and are just starting on the roof. I am currently recording a time lapse of their progress so everyone can watch the construction of our headquarters. For those of you who don’t know, a time lapse is where you have a camera take a picture every 30 seconds or so and turn all the pictures into a video. It is very similar to the process of creating a stop motion video. When the shed is complete I will upload the video on the same day!

In other news, I have made a little progress on the Colonizing America Minecraft map. I have downloaded all 60 files of the height data gathered from satellites. There is still a lot more work to do though, so please be patient.

Also, I would like to say my work at Renbrook Summer Adventure is coming along great. We have finished our slow motion video and are currently working on our map of Renbrook in Minecraft. If you would like to see some of the progress being made, go to my friend Jon Moss’ website to check it out. http://edvantaged.com/renbrook

Until next time, stay tuned for more updates!


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Another LP is here!

Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in iMD, Let's Play, Minecraft

Hey everyone, Nick here! I just got back from Vermont and I have uploaded the latest episode of our Let’s Play. This episode is the last segment of video from the recording session David gave me, so unfortunately you all will have to wait for David to return until we can record more footage. As always you can watch this week’s episode on YouTube or the videos page, enjoy!

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Great News

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in iMD

Hey everyone, Nick here! I have just received some great news. First off, David is alive and well. He sent me an actual letter in the mail, talk about old school! He said that he is having a lot of fun at his camp. In other news, construction of the new iMD headquarters will commence on Monday! The old shed is completely gone and the construction workers are ready to start. Also, I just wanted to let you all know that I will be away in Vermont tomorrow so the LP will be published a little later than usual but it will still be on Saturday. So, until next time, stay tuned for more updates!

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